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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Back Yard Parties (vs) Play Center Parties

If you’re considering an exciting and fun birthday party for your child, a family reunion, graduation party or company picnic here are some things to consider. If you have a specific date an indoor play center might be booked. This won’t be an issue if the party is at your home or in a park. If you’d like to upgrade your event to have an extreme attraction (Rock Wall, Mobile Zip Line, Obstacle Course or Eurobungy) you won’t be able to do this at a facility. This also applies to choosing the inflatables you’d like. You can customize your party with a variety of inflatables that will match the age group you’ve invited and not be locked into the ones at a facility. This is especially important for teen parties where interactive inflatables are needed rather than just bounce houses. You can also make your own party schedule and not be locked into the facilities time frame because a facility will want to book as many parties as they can on any given day. You can also offer adult beverages for those parents who want to stay for the party and not just drop off their child. This definitely applies to family reunions but also can be an important option for older relatives of the birthday child. When you rent attractions from Adventures In Climbing we set up the inflatables were you want. We also can provide fun foods such as Cotton Candy, Popcorn or Sno Cones. Another fun activity we offer is “Cup Cake Wars” where we bring boxes of undecorated cup cakes then supply frosting guns and toppings for kids to custom decorate. Other add ons include Glitter Tattoos, Face Painting and Balloon Sculptor. We can also decorate the party area with balloons, have custom T-Shirts printed and bring prizes for competitions. With AIC you have the option of us just bringing and setting up the inflatables or you can have our staff stay and run the events. 
And finally, don’t forget that the most important part of the success of your event is the excitement of the attractions. It might cost a bit more to have us bring the fun to you but we’ll guarantee, it’ll be worth it. Visit the AIC web site to see all the extreme excitement we can offer.

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