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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Renting a bounce house 101

Renting a bounce house is all fun and games until someone gets hurt! Here's what you should know for the next time you rent an inflatable:

There is no reason a bounce house can't be a fun energy sucker for the kids at your backyard BBQ or the perfect entertainer for your son/daughters birthday party. Here is your go-to inflatable guide:

Lesson 1: Finding the right company
There are two types of companies you will run into while calling around for quotes.
The First- this company will charge you an unbeatable fee for delivery, set up and removal of your bounce house. Typically this company does NOT carry insurance.
The Second- this company will charge you a a little bit more, very reasonable price, for the same services because they DO have insurance. <---You want to rent from this company!

Lesson 2: Set up of the bounce house
Most inflatable companies will deliver, set up and remove the bounce house. If they don't, find another company! You need a trained staff person to set your inflatable up for you. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the set up process. A bounce house is a pretty quick set up, first the staff will find flat level area to set up. Next, once it is placed and unrolled, they will attach the blower to the inflatable and run their cord to the power source (most call for a designated 20amp circuit). When the inflatable is completely inflated, they will use METAL stakes to secure the inflatable to the ground, the stakes should NEVER be plastic!! If the inflatable is on pavement you will see them secure the inflatable down with sand bags OR water bags. The staff person should check over one more time to ensure everything is good to go! This is the perfect time to ask any questions you may have.

Lesson 3: Safety Tips
All inflatables have different safety rules and recommendations. These will be posted right on the inflatable next to the entrance. Make sure to read these before using the inflatable! A few things it will say are:
1. Remove shoes, sharp objects, eye glasses, etc. before entering.
2. No horseplay
3. Do not enter the inflatable if you are pregnant, broken bones, sprained ligaments etc.
4. If the wind exceeds 15-20mph exit the inflatable and turn it off.

At the end of the day, the company will send someone to break the inflatable down and you can tell them how well everything went! Now you're an expert at knowing what to look for while renting a bounce house. Thanks for reading! Bye until next time!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Renting bounce houses Q&A

These are some commonly asked questions we are asked by clients. Hopefully these help to answer some of our questions and concerns!

Q. Do you deliver and set up? Is that included in the price?

A. Yes. When we quote a job the price includes delivery, set up and removal. We typically do not staff backyard rentals but it does depend on the item. Larger equipment like our Mechanical Bull or Zip Line would be staffed but a Bounce House Castle would not.

Q. What should we do to prepare for you?

A. Please make sure there is an accessible, flat and dry surface for us to set up.  Make sure there is enough space for us to set the product up. We have the dimensions of each product on our page (link at the bottom) or you can ask us when booking! Take a few minutes to measure the space just to be sure.

Q. Do we need to provide electric?

A. Our clients typically provide electric but we do have generators available to rent if electric is unavailable on site. We will provide the extension cords. 

Q. Can the inflatables be set up inside? 

A. In the right setting they can be set up inside. For example, a gymnasium would be perfect. Any large area with a high ceiling would work. To be sure check our website footprint for a specific product to make sure it will fit.

Q.  Can I pick up the product to save money? 

A. No, For your safety, a trained staff will deliver, set up and remove the equipment. 

Q. How long will it take for you to set up? 

A. Depending on the product you rent, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. For a simple inflatable is will take an average of 20-30 minutes. For our bigger inflatables/products, it usually takes up to an hour. If we have multiple products, it may take a couple hours. 

Q. Will the inflatable blow away? 

A. No, we properly stake/sandbag down all of our inflatables. If winds exceed 15 miles per hour we ask that you turn off the blower for safety. Your safety is our number one concern. 

Q. What if it rains?

A. If the weather looks concerning, we will give you a call a few hours before your event and give the option to cancel or reschedule (backyard drop offs). 

Q. Do we have to pay a deposit?

A. Typically, you pay half of the rental fee as a deposit. The rest of the money is due the day of your event.

Hope this was very helpful to you!

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Back Yard Parties (vs) Play Center Parties

If you’re considering an exciting and fun birthday party for your child, a family reunion, graduation party or company picnic here are some things to consider. If you have a specific date an indoor play center might be booked. This won’t be an issue if the party is at your home or in a park. If you’d like to upgrade your event to have an extreme attraction (Rock Wall, Mobile Zip Line, Obstacle Course or Eurobungy) you won’t be able to do this at a facility. This also applies to choosing the inflatables you’d like. You can customize your party with a variety of inflatables that will match the age group you’ve invited and not be locked into the ones at a facility. This is especially important for teen parties where interactive inflatables are needed rather than just bounce houses. You can also make your own party schedule and not be locked into the facilities time frame because a facility will want to book as many parties as they can on any given day. You can also offer adult beverages for those parents who want to stay for the party and not just drop off their child. This definitely applies to family reunions but also can be an important option for older relatives of the birthday child. When you rent attractions from Adventures In Climbing we set up the inflatables were you want. We also can provide fun foods such as Cotton Candy, Popcorn or Sno Cones. Another fun activity we offer is “Cup Cake Wars” where we bring boxes of undecorated cup cakes then supply frosting guns and toppings for kids to custom decorate. Other add ons include Glitter Tattoos, Face Painting and Balloon Sculptor. We can also decorate the party area with balloons, have custom T-Shirts printed and bring prizes for competitions. With AIC you have the option of us just bringing and setting up the inflatables or you can have our staff stay and run the events. 
And finally, don’t forget that the most important part of the success of your event is the excitement of the attractions. It might cost a bit more to have us bring the fun to you but we’ll guarantee, it’ll be worth it. Visit the AIC web site to see all the extreme excitement we can offer.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mobile Zip Lines

Zip Lines have been popular for years and now it is available locally and we are mobile. Our Zip Line can come to your next event. We travel all over New York State, Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region providing our Zip Line for all types of events.
Zip LInes have become among the most popular items among colleges and High Schools. The thrill and the suspense of the descent has created a buzz with the young adult crowd and has out sold inflatable's in 2012. Call or email now to reserve a Zip Line for your next event before spring reservations are sold out.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hiring Employees vs subcontractors
When choosing an inflatable company for your event people do not think to ask if the people working for the company are actual employees or subcontractors or are being paid under the table. Most people do not think to ask and probably do not care. Usually people are most concerned with getting the best prices. But it is very important that the people coming to your event and setting up and operating inflatables are employees.
Employees are covered under an insurance policy (workers compensation) if they were to get injured on your property or the property that you are using for your event. If they are a subcontractor or being paid under the table and they get hurt, they could go after the property owner or person organizing the event to pay for medical expenses. It could be as simple as an employee tripping over a cord and spraining an ankle or getting a cut and needing a couple of stitches.
Doctors ask patients how they were injured and when they hear that the employee was at work, the Doctor is obligated to turn the case over to the employers workers compensation. This is where the problem occurs, if the company does not have workers compensation, the company could be looking at some fines and Workers Compensation could go after the person or company that hired the inflatable company to cover expenses.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Is a rock climbing wall right for your event?

Rock walls are very popular and they book up very fast. Most of the events that we attend with the rock wall ask us to reserve the date for the following year. We attend many different types of events with the rock wall but typically on Saturdays you will find Adventures In Climbing at one of the large festival around NY state.
Weekdays you can find us at day camps, daycares, colleges or at corporate team building events. We are typically all around NY state and NYC during the week.
Our rock wall has four climbing stations with different degrees of difficulty. We have kids as young as three years old and adults in their sixties who regularly climb our walls. It truly is very popular with all age groups.
Call or email Adventures In Climbing to see if a mobile rock wall is right for your event.