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Monday, January 2, 2012

Is a rock climbing wall right for your event?

Rock walls are very popular and they book up very fast. Most of the events that we attend with the rock wall ask us to reserve the date for the following year. We attend many different types of events with the rock wall but typically on Saturdays you will find Adventures In Climbing at one of the large festival around NY state.
Weekdays you can find us at day camps, daycares, colleges or at corporate team building events. We are typically all around NY state and NYC during the week.
Our rock wall has four climbing stations with different degrees of difficulty. We have kids as young as three years old and adults in their sixties who regularly climb our walls. It truly is very popular with all age groups.
Call or email Adventures In Climbing to see if a mobile rock wall is right for your event.

Choosing the right products

It is important to choose the right products for your event to ensure that it is a success. Some things to consider before renting inflatables and Adventure Products: type of event, age group of participants, how many participants and how many hours the event is.
When selecting products with Adventures In Climbing and other companies look at each product and the recommended ages. If you have a group of six to twelve year olds you do not want to rent a product that recommends ages from twelve to adult. These inflatables or other products will not be suitable for the younger age groups. Helmets could be too large, apparatus too heavy, they may not be able to complete the game or course as intended and they may not get the full effect from the rented piece.
Look at the approximate participants per hour. If you have an event with 200 people for two hours, you do not want to rent a product that gets about 40 participants through per hour. All of your participants will not be able to use the inflatable or other product. A typical event with 200 participants for a 2 hour event would have three to four pieces and you would want to have some pieces that have near 80 participants per hour mixed with other products that have 40 - 50 participants per hour. All of the participants will not use all of the products but you want them to able to. The last thing you want your guests saying when they leave is that they did not get a chance to use a piece that they wanted to.