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Friday, February 3, 2012

Hiring Employees vs subcontractors
When choosing an inflatable company for your event people do not think to ask if the people working for the company are actual employees or subcontractors or are being paid under the table. Most people do not think to ask and probably do not care. Usually people are most concerned with getting the best prices. But it is very important that the people coming to your event and setting up and operating inflatables are employees.
Employees are covered under an insurance policy (workers compensation) if they were to get injured on your property or the property that you are using for your event. If they are a subcontractor or being paid under the table and they get hurt, they could go after the property owner or person organizing the event to pay for medical expenses. It could be as simple as an employee tripping over a cord and spraining an ankle or getting a cut and needing a couple of stitches.
Doctors ask patients how they were injured and when they hear that the employee was at work, the Doctor is obligated to turn the case over to the employers workers compensation. This is where the problem occurs, if the company does not have workers compensation, the company could be looking at some fines and Workers Compensation could go after the person or company that hired the inflatable company to cover expenses.