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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A normal day at Adventures in Climbing

There are two types of days for an AIC employee. The first type can be busy, hot, long but really fun! This day is usually on a tight set schedule. First we load up the truck for the event and then we take off! Sometimes we even load the day before. Some days, half of our days are just traveling. Once we arrive to the event we call the client and start setting everything up. We place everything where it belongs and then start unrolling the inflatables or setting up our mechanical pieces. Then we get the inflatables up and running. Next, we stake or sandbag them down and test everything to make sure things are running correctly. We run the job and then tear everything down. That is what a normal day looks like while running a job!

The other type of day is surrounded by vacuums, towels, water and Simple Green. Usually on Mondays we have what is called a "reset day." These are the days that we unload trucks from a busy weekend and get out the dirty, or sometimes wet, inflatables. Sometimes over a big weekend it might rain, so we need to dry the inflatables out. We can have as many as 6 or 7 pieces out at once. It takes a whole day to clean and dry out the inflatables! We take a lot of pride in having very clean inflatables. At the end of the day we clean everything up and start all over again the next day!

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